About Us

Green Trucking Solutions (GTS) is a team of professionals from the Transportation and Logistics industry with over 50 years of experience. Concurrently, with experience, comes wisdom. Knowing the ins and outs of the industry, and what innovative ideas would make an operator’s job both easier and more cost-effective is what led GTS to be a leader among its peers. GTS was one of the first companies to utilize solar panels on trucks, creating change within the industry.

When it comes to change, we’re firm believers that change begins with you. Therefore, when discussing climate change in its current state, we believe that the world deserves better. Cleaner air and overall, a better environment. Hence the commitment displayed in our name, Green Trucking Solutions, the way of the future.

GTS is proud to introduce GTS Hub, our division that has been heavily investing in new technologies and renewable power sources in Apple Valley, CA. The GTS team believes in the power of unity. By bringing in more businesses, it will allow for more jobs with the goal of continuing to change the transportation industry for generations to come – changing the industry standard to a higher level for cleaner energy, better service, and lower costs for our industry.

The time is now to reap the benefits of our efforts and help us create new groundbreaking solutions for our beautiful home, the State of California.

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